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Migishi Kotaro
Reperti casalinghi
Museo Archeologico di Castro
Sapporo Clock Tower
Rilievo con "steli carnosi"
Museo Archeologico di Castro
Brother and His Eldest Daughter
Migishi Kotaro
Lastra cosmatesca e Stemma di Rieti
Museo Civico di Rieti
Portrait of a Girl
Migishi Kotaro
Migishi Kotaro
Self Portrait
Migishi Kotaro
Rima Fragilis
Franco Nicolosi
Museo Archeologico di Castro
Franco Nicolosi
Statua di Atena
Museo Archeologico di Castro
Naima - Kimono Stories
Stefano Bandini
Stefano Bandini
The Human Condition
Young Girl in Red Dress
Migishi Kotaro
Girl Holding a Lemon
Migishi Kotaro
Frammenti di sculture
Museo Archeologico di Castro
Vaso da parata - Raimondo Del Balzo Orsini
Museo Archeologico di Castro discreet, scalable, transportable, valuable.

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Exquisitely human, or naturally artificial, here's a taste of's voices.
Speaker · Storyteller · Voice Over Artist · Podcaster · Voice Over Artist Narrator and agent. Available in Italian, English and Japanese. Graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of Linguistics, specializing in Italian. Winner of the "Kenji Arai Award" (2021) at the 29th "Taiyo Canzone Concorso - Popular Category". Italian proficiency test: level 1. World Heritage Test: Grade 1. Hobbies are learning about various cultures and saunas.

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